Gratitude Migration is an ideal alternate reality, but there are still a few rules to keep us safe, happy, and healthy.

Camping: Please camp only in authorized areas. Remember, this is a residential area, so please be respectful of the local environment.
There is no camping on the main festival grounds by the Gratitude Stage, or inside the Mind/Body/Spirit environment.

Sound: No amplified sound systems will be allowed in the camping area, aside from approved sound camp environments. Personal speakers are ok, but please keep volume low.

Power: Personal solar driven generators are allowed in the camping area. However, gas generators are restricted for safety reasons. We will have limited charging stations available at LNT & Sustainability Stations, however please be mindful that since power is limited, we recommend charging up what you need beforehand and learning to live as o -the-grid as possible - it's only three days!

Bonfires: Fires are permitted in designated fire pits only, which must be a minimum of 10 feet away from all structures, tents, vehicles, and art. Burning plastic or inorganic materials is prohibited (and stupid).

Fire Spinning: Fire spinning is permitted in designated performance areas on site with advance registration with our Performance Coordinator and Safety Coordinator. All fire performers must sign a waiver and attend a mandatory safety meeting before lighting up. All Volunteer Fire Safeties must provide proof of certification and go through an orientation with our Fire Safety Leads first.

Drinking Water: Large tanks of free drinking water are available for refilling throughout the beach. In order to show our Gratitude for the environment, we encourage you to use a reusable, refillable water bottle (available to purchase onsite and online). There will be no plastic water bottles for sale on site, and we urge you not to bring any either.

Food & Beverage: We have partnered with various delicious local vendors in the New Jersey area, focusing on sustainable, ethically sourced food that is as environmentally conscious as it is tasty and nourishing. Our Culinary Cove food truck lineup will be located just by the gate.

Alcohol: Unfortunately, the state of NJ does not allow outside alcohol on the beach, but there will be plenty of specialty cocktails, beers, kombucha, and even 6-pack beers available for purchase on site! As a general rule of beach safety, NO GLASS is allowed!

MEDIA PASS Code of Conduct

We love our photographers and videographers and would love to have you participate at Gratitude Migration! Out of respect for our participants, we do require anyone wishing to shoot the event to register for a documentary/media pass. If approved, you will receive a special badge that you must wear at all times while photographing the event. 

Even while wearing a media pass, please ask for consent before photographing!

Swimming and Beach REGULATIONS

All areas are swim at your own risk. We have three designated swimming areas on the beach that is patrolled by our certified Life Guard Team, Friday from 9am to 7pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am to 6pm. Each swimming area will be clearly marked with lit-up buoys. Due to safety risks, NO NIGHT SWIMMING is allowed.

For your safety, we encourage floaties, rafts, and other fun devices to be used only in the designated swimming areas during daylight hours.

The laws of the state of New Jersey prohibit full nudity on this beach.