The Art Rising is a social art project founded by Angeline Chen and Kyle Block. They travel to a region in the world to collaborate with indigenous artists. Their current project is called Samaki, a collaboration with Thai, Burmese and Khmer woodcarvers. They are touring the work in America and all proceeds from the art will be used to fund clean water, planting coral and bringing art to schools, villages and refugee camps in those developing regions. From there, they will continue to a new region in the world. 

During their time in America, they are pioneering a collaborative art piece. They will bring a canvas to different communities in America: schools, parks, festivals, prisons, homeless shelters, mental health institutions, church and more. Each canvas is intentionally designed by Angeline and Kyle in black and white and they open it up for collaboration with everyone. In the end, they will piece together all of the canvases and share the beauty and power of collaboration and art.

They believe art is a tool for social change and that we can create a world as beautiful, healthy and strong as our imagination. 

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