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Company Description

SuperJuice Nation is dedicated to bringing the freshest, healthiest, concentrated liquid nourishment and super-foods to all. Our aim is to enlighten you to the amazing health benefits of a raw, organic plant-based diet. SuperJuice NationTM offers all organic, Cold-Press Raw Juice Formulas, Made-to-Order Juice Blends, Super-food smoothies, known as SmooveesTM and fresh grab-n-go Super-foods. We use only the highest of quality Organic & non-GMO ingredients which offer increased nutrient potency without jeopardizing the environment or your health. All our products deliver concentrated nutrition that includes high doses antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, beneficial enzymes and micro-nutrients. Our juices are cold-pressed fresh daily and packed with the best quality, locally sourced fruits and vegetables. We do our best to partner local growers who are passionate about responsible and sustainable farming practices. Our cold-pressed juicing technology allows for maximum extraction of nutrients, enzymes and flavor. Many of our juices blends are amped up with exotic superfoods like Camu Camu, Goji and Acai. This makes a raw, healthy juice, a SuperJuice.


Avi Werde