Nyota’s Ting

Plant Based Food Vendor with Fish & Egg Options (responsibly sourced, grass fed)  




Company Description:

Nyota’s Ting is an International Vegetarian Gourmet Catering Company and Home Delivery Service. We have been in existence since 1978. We specialize in preparing a large variety of non-dairy vegetarian dishes from around the world specializing in a Caribbean and Soul food flavor. We carry a number of mock seafood and mock meat dishes. We also prepare a number of live (raw) food dishes. We use organic products when available. We have done a number of cooking workshops and appeared on former WWOR Television Show 9 Broadcast Plaza. Our home delivery service allows our customers to order three or five dinners for themselves or family on a weekly and biweekly basis. We have worked at a number of festivals and health fairs since 1978 bringing healthy tasty choices to the venue.

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