Michael Lisse


Exploring the Goddess Machine

The Goddess Machine is a popular trick performed with double and mini hoops. It is considered one of the more technical movements and it creates a really beautiful illusion. We will explore the fundamental pathways of the move and explore some of the variations to really open up the move. Some variations include the full Goddess, diagonal isolations, vertical extensions, and three dimensional planes; finishing with a variety of smooth transition into and out of the move.

I am a New York based hooper. I have been hooping since July 2012, and have focused primarily on mini and double hooping. I found hooping after a dreaded but inevitable conversation with my doctor where he guaranteed that the next time I saw him I would be diabetic. i was 360+ pounds and in a bad state mentally. I picked up hooping as a means of exercise but it became a catalyst for personal development and my dedication to hooping has let me achieve some of my most far-fetched dreams. I lost over 160 pounds, but most importantly I learned to create my own happiness. It is my goal to help people be as creative as possible through flow manipulation and to inspire others to be dedicated to personal growth.