ECO WORKSHOPS - Located at The School of Dreams

Erin Bishop • Beyond Learning: Permaculture Action 11AM

What matters is ACTION. Identify the next step in creating actual change in your community. It is time to take the lead in becoming a permaculture pioneer in your neighborhood and all you need is passion! Erin will lead participants in a step-by-step guide in how to become more active, more effective, and more inspired to create positive change in their neighborhoods through techniques honed in her year touring the nation doing Permaculture Action in every city. 

Eco Lake • Creating The Compost Modern 1130AM
In this talk, Eco will demonstrate the beautiful potential of transforming our waste into art. By composting, recycling, upcycling, and enacting practices of conscious living, participants learn how waste is wealth and how, by continually experimenting and pushing the bounds of creative community, we can design a sustainable, sensible, and radically fun environment to learn and grow in all through the year.

Evan Skytree Snyder • Future Fossils 12PM
A master music producer, Skytree has long been inspired by the wisdom and magic of the mineral realm. In this hands on workshop, participants will explore the world of rocks, gems, and stones, and learn about their connection to human consciousness, and, most importantly, to music. We will collaborate on an on-the-spot track inspired by the crystals we have chosen and learn about the spiritual and practical properties of the stones.

Samuel Barnes • Regeneration Station 1230PM

We are a new kind of people, and when we come together in Gratitude we are devising a new kind of celebration -- so why should we keep using the same old toxic, synthetic substances as we dance? In this ongoing installation, Samuel will guide participants through a journey of plants-as-medicine in the form of teas, tinctures, vapors, oils and salves. Over the weekend we will conduct informal ceremonies with kava, cacao, pu-erh, matcha, and other magical preparations, and highlight the ways we can shi from a degenerative nightlife scene to a regenerative culture of celebration and respect for the Earth.

Dan Sheridan • Working Demo on Biogas Install 1PM

Dan has been working with Solarcities biogas innovators and practitioners as well as professor TH Culhane on a variety of builds and lead a build out at the Turtle Island Ecology Center in Northern Colorado. Participants will learn how to build a 5 gallon portable digester as well as a biogas install for scaleable, radical waste reduction.

Marc S. Wood • Plant Based Nutritional Cooking Workshop & Tasting 1:30PM

Marc is one of the most recognized and sought after certified plant-based nutritionist and family health coach who teaches individuals and companies how to shop and cook plant based meals in their own homes, businesses or through skype and facetime. Participants will learn how to cook a plant based meal all while learning about the environmental, health and nutritional benefits of it. 


Plant Candy Gatherings • Book Signing and Cooking Demo 2:00PM

The Plant Candy Founders and Authors, Brandy Cochrane, Alexis Skinner, will not only be vending plant based food but also selling their book at Gratitude Migration. During the book signing be prepared to experience a cook demo of summer friendly food that you’ll be able to make long a er the festival is over. 

Stefanie Iris Weiss • Talk and Book Signing of “Eco-Sex: Go Green Between the Sheets and Make Your Love Life Sustainable” 2:30PM

Renew your passion for the environment while you recharge your love life—with green sex toys, low-impact lingerie, fair-trade eco condoms, bamboo bed linens, conflict-free diamonds, chemical-free sex and much more. Participants will receive free gifts of sustainable condoms, toys and other sexy items. *This session is not suitable for kids.

James Peach • Consulting Consciousness 3:00PM

@James ThomasPeach (HumanSelf) aka @RainbowStarGuide (GODself) will flow between these illusory opposites. By doing so, embodying @SCIOUS_._._._ in order to facilitate #conSCIOUSnessConsulting. Opening Sacrament precisely at = 07/17/16 /// 3pm ///... enter at will.

Landen Griffith • Rhythm as a Tool to Connect to the Earth  3:30PM

Connect with the earth through the ancient art of drumming. Used in shamanic healing practices all over the globe, the humble drum has been a key tool in humanity's steady movement towards enlightenment. Landen's session will involve: 10-15 mins opening discussion on how rhythm and drumming connect us ever closer to the spirit of the earth, ~20mins of drumming (including an optional vibe massage*), 10-15mins closing discussion. 

Kate Hess - Earth Vibration Dancers 4:00PM

Using movement, voice, and rhythm, Kate will lead the class in a series of expressive exercises that allow us to sink down of our heads, up from our feet, and into our hearts. We will dance with a purpose: to harmonize our vibration with the vibration of Mother Earth. Performing at festivals all around the Northeast, and offering movement workshops in Brooklyn, Kate believes dance is tool with which we can heal the world. 

Matteo Undici - Shamanic Closing Circle Honoring Our Selves and our Planet 4:30PM

This eco focused closing circle will be a time of acknowledgment and reflection for all that was experienced and absorbed over the weekend and an opportunity to amplify our growing hearts, minds and actions in our daily life and community consciousness. Facilitator Matteo Undici is a multidimensional healer whose training and lifelong experience interweaves advanced non-dualistic reality, sacred geometry, mystery traditions, earth-based wisdom methods, and innovative techniques to support evolutionary changes at both subtle and substantial levels.