Los Angeles based dj and producer Sonns crafts his unique sound and music style in what is known today’s new breed deep house. Typically groove building and a mood conscious-set with friendly dance floor skills he delivers a perfect highest quality house sound fusing heavy grooves and solid bass..

He started exploring his preferred sound bycollecting records and tracks in mid 90’s inspired of all of context of mid-tempo, classic organic instruments, hypnotic synth, twisted samples melodies and groovy formsound developing to freshly new style for next level and deeper house.

For over years he has played exclusively in Moonshadows as resident dj, LA and Hollywood club circuit along with west coast artist and international dj’s. His relationship joining artist with ku-deta began early 2005 joining forces with east coast artist Iman Rizky for production and his induction into music scene widely performed in US and other country.  Keeping all this in mind, his goal is to keep things simple, bold, fresh and something that would allow a purer form of self expression.

Avi Werde