We work closely with our Rangers, our privately hired Security team, Keansburg PD, the Monmouth County Fire Department, and the local government to ensure safety, both physical and emotional. We're all here to help!


Rangers are trained volunteers who offer part of their time at Gratitude Migration to ensure the well-being of all participants. Rangers act as non-confrontational community mediators and peaceful facilitators of public safety. If you are in need of some emotional support, need to report physical danger, threats to public safety, or just need a hug, please feel safe in approaching our Rangers for help! 

You can recognize our Rangers by their orange Gratitude Migration T-shirts.

Qualified? Apply to join our Ranger Team!


Sanctuary is a safe place to go seek peace and quiet and emotional amnesty. Whether its a personal need for space and rest, or a bigger issue of de-escalating an emotional situation, our trained volunteers at Sanctuary will help to make you comfortable.


We a centralized first aid tents on site. They are recognizable by the universal red cross symbol and will offer basic medical attention and are fully equipped for a rush to a nearby hospital. We employ fully certified EMTs, who specialize in first aid for large events, and work hard to help our participants.


Aqua Squad are trained volunteers who patrol the beach and water.  While this is a swim at your own risk event, it is important to us that we maintain a safe environment for all festival participants.
Qualified? Apply to join our Aqua Team!


Our private security team will be patrolling the grounds to ensure safety and security of the festival perimeter, provide a helping hand, and de-escalate physical and dangerous situations.

fire safety

All of our Fire Safeties are certified, experienced, and equipped to act in case of a fire caused by a performance or other approved programming. We also work with the local Fire Marshall and Fire Department to guarantee that all installations and infrastructure are fire-safe and up to code.

Local Police

The Keansburg PD are here to help! You can usually see them, in uniform, outside the grounds, helping to monitor traffic at the gate and assist in protecting our festival perimeter.