Theme Villages

Gratitude Migration's camping experience is unique to most festivals. We value interaction and community building over all else, and we have designed our grounds to incorporate camping into the experience. As you see depicted in the image below, all camping takes place on the beach!

This year we've incorporated a new layout, that will bring the interaction to a new high. We have created the concept of Theme-Villages. These villages are comprised of 2 or more Theme-Camps, that are collaborating to bring a group theme, such as sounds, healing, fire, water and family. 

Theme Camps

This year we are pleased to be hosting the following theme-camps. 

  • Philadelphia Experience (PEX)
  • ebb+flow
  • Philadelphia DJ group
  • Might Get Weird x Rinsed
  • Temple of Dust x  Shamandome
  • JunXion
  • Bangarang
  • The FamNYC


We have gone further and have now integrated camping into these villages. As you can see by the diagram below. 

Tent Rentals

Don't have a tent? Don't want to buy a new tent? Want to share a tent? Want to camp in style?

We got you covered. We are offering tent rentals that can be reserved before the festival by following this link, or tents can be rented on-site but are limited to quantity. 

Tent rentals come with: 

  • Setup and breakdown (only with pre-ordered tents)
  • Sleeping bags
  • Lanterns 
  • Cots (Bell tent only)
  • Resting table (Bell tent only)

RV Camping

We offer RV camping sites (no Hookup) right outside the festival grounds. RV require a parking pass which can be purchased here.