Moon Boots Speaks to Gratitude Migration


We caught up with our featured headliner, Moon Boots, to chat about his upcoming midnight set at Gratitude Migration: Summer Dream 2017. 

GM: Watching your evolution from small clubs to larger festivals has been exciting for your fans, and GM promises to be no different. For us, migrating from the Brooklyn warehouse scene to hELLO Beach has involved rethinking our format in many ways. On that note, what would you say is the biggest difference between playing clubs and festival venues? What are the highlights and what are  the challenges?

MB: Well the thing that’s normally different is that you can only play for an hour at a festival, but I’m so happy you / GM is letting me play for 4 hours! 

Despite what my ego would like to think, whether it’s House of Yes or Output or another place outside NY, most people don’t come out to nightclubs to see me but for the experience of nightclubbing. And that’s totally fine. But this is even more the case at festivals. EVERYONE is there for the experience. So inevitably there are a ton of people who have no clue who you are, and that can be a challenge. But on the flip side, it’s also an incredibly captive audience if you come with the right attitude and the right music

GM: One of our favorite things about our lineup, and having you as headliner, is the complete lack of genre-specific descriptors. It's amazing how we're moving into a time where artists are so inspired by a variety of genres and bring that mix to the forefront. Can we get five words (or just a phrase or sentence) that you would use to describe your music as as genre, whether they be existing categories today or not?

MB: Soulful / Solar House // Planetary Funk

GM: Gratitude Migration is a lot more than a music festival, and encourages people to step into a new reality. What inspires you about people coming together for festivals, and gathering in community?

MB: I think it’s great. We can’t afford to be escapist with everything that’s going on right now but a little time off is desperately needed. As a DJ, I can tell not only when I’m connecting with the crowd but when the crowd is connected with each other. It makes my job easier and it makes it more positive and more fun for everyone. One of the ways certain people build communities is with an us-against-them mentality but I try not to buy into that. I think you guys are doing it the right way and I’m glad to be a part of it. 

GM: What, when and where was your first festival experience?

MB: Oh man… let’s just say that Page McConnell was my hero in high school. My first festival was Gathering Of the Vibes in upstate NY. It was a blast. 

GM: What’s one of your highlight moments of attending festivals (whether playing at them or attending as a guest)?

MB: One of the highlights has to be the first time I played Electric Forest in 2014. There was a big crew of people during my set who had a totem with my face on it which was nuts and made me really happy. My friend Sunney and I got pictures with them and I'm still in touch with people from that experience.

GM: We’re all about the practice of Gratitude and being in the moment. What are some ways you think audiences can engage better with the music and with one another, rather than with their phones or the DJ booth? (Or can you comment on that phenomenon and how we might shift it?)

MB: This is a tough one. I feel like having rules like no phones on the dance floor actually help out. People are still going to use them, but at least they’ll do it more discreetly and maybe think twice before reflexively yanking them out. 

GM: Tell us a little bit about your upcoming set at Gratitude Migration. We hear it's a midnight beach set... Any surprises planned? Will we see sunrise?

MB: Unfortunately I’m going to have to stop shortly before sunrise, but hopefully someone can take the reins from me at 4. As for my set, I’m going to bring my piano and I’ll try to add as much vibe as I can with the keys. I’ll also play a lot of music you wouldn’t normally hear from me at a festival or club set. It’ll be nice to stretch out, I really can’t wait. 

GM: What’s your ultimate summer beach playlist? Name your top three (or more) tracks for all-night beach dancing.

MB: This is always changing, but right now!

Fern Kinney - Love Me Tonight

SLG - I Love You But I’ve Chosen Disco

Gerd Janson & Shan - Surrender

GM: What are you most grateful for right now, in this exact moment?

MB: That I get to make and play the music I love

GM: And finally… dancing in hot sand isn’t easy. Any recommendations for wearing Moon Boots in the sand?

MB: I wouldn’t recommend Moon Boots in the sand and I’ve tried it! Just socks isn’t bad actually but having a couple options never hurts :) Hopefully it will cool off by midnight!