5 Reasons to Party Consciously at Gratitude Migration

The last few years have seen a cultural shift towards less alcohol consumption in social environments. We’re seeing juice crawls and morning dance parties equal in popularity to nightlife and hangover breakfasts as partiers seek to spend time in happiness and health, driving them further towards goals of self-actualization and transformation.

At festival events like Gratitude Migration, we come together to bring collective, creative, positive change. In gathering together, we shift consciousness towards celebration, connectivity and creativity, and that includes a focus on health vs excess.

Conscious partying isn’t only about avoiding alcohol or other substances that might be of a low-vibrational quality: It’s about enhancing connection and community by being aware of our consumption and how that might affect yourself and others. Being mindful and intentional in substance intake; hydrating well; and using other, non-substance mechanisms for feeling good – like dancing! – helps us create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone while expanding our own hearts and minds. 

And of course, there are benefits….

1.   Feel rejuvenated and more refreshed.

Make the most of every day you have at Gratitude Migration by feeling good and not needing to hit the Gatorade quite as hard. You’ll be in the sun and sand most of the day, so stay hydrated and watch your intake of diuretic and drying substances that could have you at the medical tent if you’re not careful.

2.   Have meaningful conversations.

You’ll be meeting people from all over the world, with all kinds of backgrounds and experiences – and what’s the use of not remembering what happened the next day? When we get a little too inebriated, we sometimes stray from meaningful, heartfelt experiences, which is what festivals are all about.

3.   Remember all of your experiences.

Overindulging in alcohol can wipe clean the memories of all the beautiful experiences you have when coming together with community. Stay sober, stay present – less drinks, more moments – it’s a simple equation.

4.   Discover yourself.

Being intoxicant free allows you to move through your daily practices with vulnerability and authentic awareness. The community at Gratitude Migration is a perfect space to delve into these hidden realms of yourself and connect with the hidden aspects of who you are.

5.     Celebrate!

Let’s get together and deepen connections, share trust and authenticity and creative expressions in each moment without the veil of substances between each individual.