So You Want to Spin Fire at Gratitude Migration...

 Image by Jendra Jarnagin

Image by Jendra Jarnagin

There's nothing quite like the breathtaking element of FIRE at a festival. Festivals are all about the sparks and the flames of fire that spin, swirl and delight at stages and Burns, and and at Gratitude Migration we're committed to providing all participants with dazzling fire performances that are as safe as they are extraordinary. Here's the rundown on fire performance at Gratitude Migration for those of you who want to participate and co-create.

All fire performers must be insured and include the relevant parties on their insurance certificate. No fuel is permitted into the festival grounds by performers or fire spinners without specific permission. Fuel will be provided for all spin jams.

Insurance is Number One

Anyone who touches fire at Gratitude Migration must be insured. If you have been hired to perform at Gratitude Migration, follow the instructions below to add Gratitude Migration & the Borough of Keansburg to your existing insurance certificate and follow up with your performance coordinator to ensure all your paperwork is in order.

Spin Jams Require Fire Insurance

We welcome new fire performers to our open spin jams that take place each morning on the water, from sunrise to 9am. Our performance curators are nearby, watching out for next year's talent, and we love seeing the beauty that comes through as the sun rises. But insurance is paramount. You must be insured to spin at the morning spin jams, and connect your paperwork to Gratitude Migration.

How to Obtain Fire Insurance

There is only one company that provides fire insurance. You'll pay $132 for a single event or $280 for the whole year (recommended!). You don't need to take a course or qualify at all, just pay for it by filling out the form.

Important: Add Gratitude Migration!

Once you have the insurance, you must take another step and include the festival company and festivals ground as well as the local fire department as additionally insured. If you've been a performer at Gratitude Migration in the past, you'll still need to do this. Head to the insurance site and add in the following information. This must be done 3 business days before the event.

Additional COIs (Certificate of Insurance) to include:

1. Gratitude Migration: 231 Rogers Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225

2. The Borough of Keansburg: 29 Church Street, Keansburg, NJ 07734

3. Email address:

Submit Your Insurance to the Performance Dept

Once your certificate is in order, you must forward your paperwork to to ensure you are cleared to spin as as performer or at the open fire jams. This must be done one week in advance of the festival, which means if you're reading this, it needs to happen now.

Finally... Please Don't Bring Fuel!

Fire performers CANNOT bring their own fuel. Please ensure you do not bring fuel that would be confiscated at the gate by security.  No fuel is permitted into the festival grounds by performers or fire spinners without specific permission. Fuel will be provided for all spin jams. 

We know how challenging these new rules might be, whether you're a seasoned fire performer or new to the game. At Gratitude Migration, safety is our priority. While we adore the art of fire, we also have a responsibility to our participants, the local Borough, the fire department and all our performers to keep your utmost safety in mind. Any questions? Contact

A Final Note on Insurance:

Fire is a dangerous art and having insurance covers you for the unlikely event of an accident. Like car insurance, you may not think you need it, and you may never use it... but when there is an accident- you will be happy that you have it.  To be a professional fire performer, you must have insurance. If you plan to invest in your career as a fire performer and be hirable in a multitude of events, insurance is invaluable. Every gig, venue and fire marshall will ask for this certificate.

 Image by Jendra Jarnagin

Image by Jendra Jarnagin