Gratitude Sessions: Adam Gibbons

Resident DJ of Uhuru Afrika and local mainstay of the Junxion NYC family, Adam Gibbons, will be kicking off an unforgettable night on the Junxion stage after the Burn on Saturday night. Adam's signature afrohouse vibes are a treat to those who enjoy his monthly residency in Boston with Uhuru Afrika, and will be the last chance for locals to catch him this summer before heading to Europe for a tour. Adam took the time to catch up with Team GM for some festival essentials while mixing some beach vibes to get us all in the mood!

Festival Must-Haves?

"Of course, if I'm playing a set, my must have is the bag that contains my Headphone, USB sticks with all of my music and some spiritual items including Palo Santo, and a few meaningful things gifted to me that I have with me while I perform for their energy. But no matter if I am playing or not, it is so important to stay hydrated so my definite beach ’must-have’ would be a gorgeous black and gold handmade ‘Water is Life’ bag that I got from Energy and Vibe on Etsy. I can throw it over my shoulder, or in my bag and it keeps the water cool while looking amazing!

Top Festival Moment?

OK, Burning Man IS NOT a festival. That said, (as an artist) my top moment was playing the Celtic Chaos castle on Burn Night with Osunlade, Marques Wyatt, Nickodemus, Charl Chaka and Mike Steva. Right when I started my set, the Tatonka and Thunder Gumbo art cars pulled up the the gate to catch me and then immediately after ushered me to deep playa to play a set for sunrise before heading to closeout Bubbles and Bass. That 12 hour musical journey is truly one of my favorites.

As for the more personal… last year at Gratitude Migration late on Saturday night I was walking from stage to stage and a Goddess named Crystal was walking towards me and slammed into me because she had her head down looking at her phone. She stopped and apologized to me. She pulled out a small piece of cut amethyst and gave it to me as a gift. I have kept it with me in my DJ bag and it has sit beside me every set I have played since. It reminds me to always look up at the crowd when I am playing to always stay engaged with those around me.

What are you most grateful for, in this moment, right now?

As I write this, I am grateful for my connection to Gratitude Migration and I am grateful to Myk 2Melo for inviting me to be a part of the JunXion NYC Family which has brought this connection for me. My daily Gratitude practice is high. If you know me, you know this to be true. I feel it is so important. So, to be a part of an intentional gathering like this resonates with me so profoundly. Last year’s gathering was truly something amazing and beautiful and it’s intention and the moments of love that I shared there kept me inspired through all of last year. As always, I am grateful for the opportunity to share music and high vibrations with all who are open to receive them.

And finally....

Gratitude Migrators can catch me at Saturday at 9pm on the JunXion Stage immediately after the effigy burn. This will be one of my last US appearances before I head to Europe for a tour, but I can typically be found playing around NYC with the JunXion Family or once a month for my Boston residency at the Uhuru Afrika party. I welcome everyone to stop by my artist page on facebook and say hi, or dive into my two soundcloud pages where they can find over 100 hours of live and studio mixes as well as some of my remixes and original music. Other than that, I am looking forward to creating magic on the beach with all who will be sharing space and gratitude with us!

Check out DJ Adam Gibbon's Exclusive Mix for Gratitude Sessions on Soundcloud.