How To Balance Your Mind, Body, and Spirit at Gratitude

Gratitude Migration isn't just about partying on the beach and dancing until the sun comes up. (Although that's great!) It's also a space to get away from societal pressures, look inwards, and explore different parts of yourself.

Excited to learn new ways to balance your mind, body and spirit? Let this post serve as your self-improvement guide:



Already dreading going back to work on Monday? Check out Beth Weinstein's 2 PM workshop, "Redefining Work– Aligning Your Heart with Your Living." You'll learn how to bring your amazing passions to the world, and shift your perspectives around work and money. No big deal.

Prefer to not think about your job– but still want to keep the learning train going? Head to the WOOM Dome to learn about the yogic art of cleansing, lymphology and digestion. After two hours your cells will be glowing, and you'll feel amazing. (Bonus: that cutie on the beach is bound to notice how shiny and sparkly you are!)


Start your day by saying yes! Visit Andriana Santiago's improv workshop, and learn how comedy and laughter can empower you throughout your life. Bonus points if you bring that playful energy to your new friends on the beach!

After going for a dip in the ocean and getting some delicious food from our vendors, take some time for reflection with Kai Altair's "Shamanic Dreaming for Artists" workshop. You'll discover how to re-awaken communication with the powers that speak to you in your dreams, and connect with your muses. This is perfect for creatives who are feeling stuck in a project!

Later, tap into your pleasure with Rachel Santos' "MultiOrgasm and the Microcosmic Orbit" practice, followed up with a sunset dinner and a WOOM Gong meditation to get you relaxed before you dance the night away.


Get your mind right before you travel home! Cultivate your awareness and cleanse your energy with Anthony Illiano's QiGong workshop. Finally, pack up and get inspired by the speakers at the School of Dreams. (Pro tip: Check out Christopher Salata's talk about the rationality of peace and the future of technology.)




If you arrive on the beach with plenty of energy, get your booty over to the Flow Zone! There you can learn hula hoop tricks, discover how to spin double staffs, and learn how to get out of your head and into the flow.

Once you've gotten some of those first festival jitters out, grab a snack from one of the vendors and head over to Rachel Santos' cuddling workshop. (Seriously, how can anyone say no to the mastery of snuggles?) Of course, we totally understand if you don't want anyone in your bubble. Instead, you can tap into your inner yogi with Nicole Sully's Vinyasa class.



There's no better way to start the day than with some gratitude. Take a moment to reflect in this workshop with Ophra Werde and Carmen Spicer, then learn some new yin yoga poses.

If you want to keep the flow going afterwards, head to  Elise Foster & Dean Hively's AcroYoga class. Whether you're new to the practice or a pro, this workshop will have something for you. 

At this point, you'll probably want to take a nap in your tent and meet new some friends. Once you're rested, pop into Joshua Lee Mallory's innovative workshop, which is a combination of capoeira and Vinyasa yoga.



Finish your festival experience on a spiritual note with Rishe Groner's "Dancing in the Dark" workshop. You'll reflect on your experience through a guided meditation, then use drums and bass to help you dance into new discoveries about yourself.



Worried about making new friends at Gratitude? Have no fear! Head to Sarah Monette's authentic relating workshop, where you'll explore how to connect with others in a fun, profound way.

Afterwards, learn about a different path to connection, with Tara Urszula Pietrzykowska's talk on tantra at the School of Dreams. Finally, sink into the spiritual and meet your fellow migrators at Rishe Groner's potluck Shabbat dinner. (You don't need to bring anything with you! Nourishment will be provided by OneTable.)


Have some bad vibes stuck on you from the outside world? Head to Daniel Major's energy clearing workshop, where you'll learn how to deal with negativity and stay in your own positive flow.

After playing the day away, relax your muscles– and get some comforting physical touch– with Becca Krauss' candlelit thai massage workshop. (How delicious does that sound?!) No partner needed! 


Festivals can bring up some serious emotions for people. If you're struggling to deal with something, check out Meirav Ong's Creative Healing Collective. Together, you will hold space to decompress from the weekend and share your journey of grief and healing.

Afterwards, treat yourself to some final festival magic at Kelly Nezat's Elemental Breathwork Soullab. You'll feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to head into the outside world!

Written by Jillian Richardson

Photography by:

Michael McCarthy 

Sasha Charonsaub
Earl Maldoun

Eva Reiska

Nathan Frank