5 Ways to Care for Your Crew At Gratitude

Walk down Hello Beach, and you’ll hear deep talks everywhere from the yoga workshops to the waterslide. After a few hours, you'll understand that Gratitude Migration is the perfect time to reconnect with your friends. Of course, you can’t get this kind of amazing one-on-one time if your pal is dehydrated or sunburned to a crisp.

At Gratitude, we like to take care of each other. Here are five ways to make sure that no one in your crew goes out of commission:

1) Get Shady

It can be easy to forget how long you’ve been frolicking on the beach… until your shoulders are the color of a tomato. Protect yourself and your friends by having some fun out of the sun.

Pro tip: this will be super easy if your camp brings a big shade structure. Don’t forget that, folks!

2) Find Your Inner Mom

It’s the number one mom saying of all time: “How have you eaten?” And there’s a reason for that! When you’re wrapped up in the magic of Gratitude, food can be the last thing on your mind.

If your buddy is in a full-on festival trance, ask the question that all moms love. And if you didn’t bring any sustenance with you, no worries! Check out one of our amazing food vendors.

3) Water is Life

Good friends make sure their crew is hydrated. Every hour or so, head to one of Gratitude’s H2O stations with your refillable water bottle.

Bonus points if you bring other people’s canteens with you, as well. You’ll be your camp’s favorite human!

4) Create a Culture of Consent

House of Yes marketing director, Jacqui Rabkin, wrote us an amazing piece about how to create a culture of consent at a festival. We want to make sure that everyone gives a big, enthusiastic “Yes!” to every interaction they have here.

This can get confusing if your friend is drunk and making out with someone. Thankfully, Jacqui gave us some pro tips about how to deal with the situation:

“If you watch 2 people closely enough, you can usually tell whether the interaction is shared or one-sided. If things are looking one-sided, check-in with your friend. This also applies to drunk strangers who look like they need help!

Hey, do you know this person?

Are you into what’s going on right now?

Do you want to come grab some water with me?

Any partner who is truly practicing consent would be cool with this momentary interruption for a good cause. It things start to go south - if someone becomes aggressive, resistant, or belligerent - look for a consent guardian to help! At Gratitude Migration, these people are members of the Love Patrol.”

5) Know How to Find Your Friend

It’s happened to all of us– you’re dancing with your crew, having a blast… and suddenly one of them is gone. Should you worry? How can you even find them? 

Here are some tips:

Before the night’s festivities start, select an emergency meeting point. Tell your friends that they should go there if they’re lost and can’t find the group or your camp.

Next, wear an interesting outfit. Not only is that more fun, but it will also make it easier to find people from your group!

If all else fails, nicely ask a very tall person if you can get on their shoulders. Chances are, they’ll say yes. Then you can find your friend and have a fun place to show off your best moves!

Written by Jillian Richardson

Images by:

Sasha Charonsaub
Earl Maldoun

Eva Reiska

Nathan Frank