Stories of Gratitude: The Proposal

Words and photos by the man himself, Emri Mor

 I went to Gratitude Migration for the first time in 2015. It was amazing, and definitely my favorite festival that summer. The next year, I made sure to get me and my girlfriend, Danielle, tickets as soon as they went on sale.

Around that time I was thinking about how to propose , and couldn't come up with anything. Then, a friend announced his engagement and posted some photos to Facebook of his proposal on the beach. (Thanks, Eric!) That made me realize how wonderful it would be to propose during our magical weekend at Gratitude.

I wanted to set up a table on the beach so that we could have champagne at sunset. I got flowers, candles, and made an altar for the ring– I even used a skeleton that she got me as a Christmas gift. (We're into spooky stuff!) 

My friends helped me make it happen on the first night of the weekend, even after they'd set up camp in the hot sun. Someone even took Danielle around to make sure she wasn't around while we were getting ready– and brought her back just in time for sunset. 

After she said yes, we drank champagne and spent a few hours by the altar as the sun was setting. Then, we set off to explore and party all night.

I’m beyond grateful to have the privilege to spend the rest of my life with my best friend, Danielle. She's the best girl I've ever known. I’m also grateful for the Gratitude community. They create a magical atmosphere for us to celebrate our love every year. In fact, this year we're going straight from our wedding in Mexico to Gratitude Migration. We set up our wedding date intentionally to be back in time for the festival, and can't wait to continue the celebration!