5 Reasons to Secure Advance Tickets Today

Ah, summer. It’s filled with so many possibilities! Concert, festival, and party options abound. Yet at some point, you have to choose. And we get it– it’s hard. But we promise, making the commitment is the hardest part. Before you know it, you’ll be boogieing on the beach and wondering why you were ever on the fence. 

It warms our hearts when people buy Gratitude tickets in advance. It’s good for the festival hosts, and great for participants. Don’t believe us? Here’s why:

1) Skip the Scramble

There’s something we call the “seven day scramble.” It’s that week-long period before the festival when everyone and their mom is asking for rides, shades structures, and camping gear.

Don’t be a scrambler. When you prepare in advance, you arrive at the festival in a way better headspace. You’ll be excited and ready to party– versus that guy who just realized that he totally forgot to borrow a tent.

2) Manage Your Moolah

Festivals aren’t exactly cheap. There’s the ticket, the transport, the food, and the equipment. Don’t even get us started on outfits.

To maintain your sanity– and keep your bank account happy– buy your ticket in advance. That way, you have an extra month or two to make some cash for your festival expenses. You might even have some money leftover to buy yourself a gift from one of our local vendors!

3) Invest in the Fest

 An advance ticket purchase is an investment in Gratitude Migration. Really! We need cashflow to pay for our awesome programming, art installations, vendors, contractors, and employees. The money from early sales helps us make deposits and secure festival-enhancing amenities.

In other words, buying a ticket early ensures that you have all the art, music, and fire-spitting DJ booths your heart desires.

4) Contribute to the Community

Everyone who comes to Gratitude Migration is part of our family. By buying a ticket, you’re joining the tribe.

Put simply, your financial support keeps our community strong.

5) No Mo’ FOMO

If you miss Gratitude Migration, you’re gonna get a serious case of  FOMO– fear of missing out. And spoiler alert: tickets will sell out.

 Sales often skyrocket close to our opening day. If you show up at the gate without a ticket, there is no guarantee you’ll be able to get in. And we don’t want that to happen to you! We want you to experience the magic of Gratitude, so buy your tickets in advance.

Written by: Rishe Groner and Jillian Richardson

Photos by:

Michael McCarthy 

Sasha Charonsaub
Earl Maldoun

Eva Reiska

Nathan Frank