How to Co-Create Community at Gratitude

Everyone at Gratitude Migration is part of a festival family. We share meals, race each other into the water, and know exactly which gorgeous acroyoga instructor our campmate is crushing on. And, because we're a family, everyone is proud to contribute something. It’s like chores... but while dancing and wearing a tutu.

Luscious, a Keansburg local and one of our favorite volunteers, is a perfect example of how someone can co-create an amazing environment at Gratitude. “I volunteered to help with the pre-build and post clean-up,” Luscious said. “I I love the sense of community that happens when like-minded people come together. It creates such a magical place. I'm over the moon that it's happening in my backyard!”

Want to be a kick-ass contributor like Luscious? Here are five ways to bring your energy to the festival:

1) Connect with a Theme Camp

If you’re part of a theme camp, you probably already have some responsibilities. But if you’re camping solo, that might not be the case. So find a group to help! We recommend checking Facebook, where a lot of the theme camps gather to e-organize.

Volunteering your help to a theme camp will instantly connect you to some awesome people at Gratitude. Who knows– you might find your next dancing partner, chicken fight challenger, or cuddle buddy while you’re setting up a tent.

2) Join the MOOP Troupe

We’ve made a promise to leave Keansburg exactly how we found it. That’s why MOOP– AKA matter out of place– is the bane of our existence. Help us de-clutter the beach by picking up trash with some friends.

You’ll make Gratitude a more beautiful environment for everyone– and get some serious brownie points from the Love Patrol.

3) Find the Volunteer Station

 No matter what, we always need more help on the beach. Find the volunteer coordinators at the front gates, where you first entered the festival. Ask what you can do. We guarantee there will be something!

Get ready for a big hug, because we’ll be over the moon to see you!

4) Set Up Shop

 Do you love reading tarot cards? Teaching people how to give amazing hugs? Doing improv? Set up a blanket, put up a sign, and have people come to you! That’s right– you don’t need to be a workshop leader to teach others at Gratitude.

 Go ahead, make some magic! We love when sharing moments occur organically.

5) Bring a Gift

Gratitude is all about the sharing economy. You’ll walk around and see people offering everything from free mimosas to handmade bracelets. If contributing a skill is not your thing, why not a gift?

Everyone loves a free smoothie in the afternoon, some face paint, or a blanket with room for a few new friends. No matter what, everyone can help co-create an amazing community at Gratitude!

 As Luscious, our famous Keansburg volunteer, told us, “I am blessed and beyond grateful to have the beauty of heLLO beach and the tireless team of people who jump through hoops to create the magic of Gratitude Migration!”

Written by Jillian Richardson

Photos by Sasha B and Thomas Egan