5 Ways the Cool Kids Practice Self-Care at Festivals

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It can be easy to forget about self-care during a festival. There are so many dances to dance! Fun sights to see! New friends to friend! But after a full day of running around like a kid in a beachfront candy store, you’re bound to crash. And then you can’t enjoy the rest of Gratitude– which is not ideal.

That, you beautiful human, is why self-care is especially important at festivals. To make sure you get the most out of Gratitude– while keeping your body shiny and happy– follow these 5 tips:

1) Prepare For A Snack Attack 

Like Snickers taught us, you’re not yourself when you’re hangry. Stave off any hunger-related grumpiness by bringing your favorite snacks with you. Make sure they don’t melt easily, or your bags will be covered in food goop. Alternatively, bring a cooler filled with your go-to noms.

If you want to pack light, fill up your cashless RFID wristband for our food vendors! They’ll have plenty of meals and light bites for everyone, whether you’re glegan, paleo, or in an open relationship with food of all kinds.

2) Treat Yo’ Self

It can be easy to feel kinda gross after spending a day in the sun. You get sweaty. And smelly. And sticky. Smicky? That’s why it’s essential to bring materials to Gratitude that will help you feel fresh and flawless. We recommend spray misters filled with water and essential oils. They’ll keep you cool and cute– and are a great way to make new friends. Who doesn’t want a spritz?

We also suggest dried sage to sniff when you’re feeling frazzled, oodles of natural sunscreen to prevent sunburn, and baby wipes for staying clean.

3) Take Your Meds!

It’s totally fine to lose yourself in the flow of a festival. Just make sure you take your meds! Being outdoors for long periods of time can already get your body out of whack. Don’t give it another reason to go funky on you!

If you think you’re going to forget your prescription, set an alarm on your analogue watch and keep the pills in your fanny pack. No one needs to know what you’re doing if you feel uncomfortable– just take a bathroom break!

4) Get Hella Hydration

This one is obvious, but it's so important we’re gonna say it anyways. Drink. All. The. Water. Seriously– you can be having so much fun that you forget about hydrating. And no one wants to be the person who has to hang out in the nurses tent because they passed out. That’s no fun!

Any time you see your friends at Gratitude, ask them if they drank water in the past hour. If they say no, shove some good ol’ H2O in their face– and have them do the same for you!

5) No Mo’ FOMO

Spoiler alert: you can’t do everything at Gratitude Migration. So remember: where you are is exactly where you’re supposed to be!

Don’t get FOMO- fear of missing out. Instead, try to fully enjoy whatever you’re doing. Your experience will unfold exactly as it is meant to. 

Start packing your self-care materials now! We'll see you on the beach, beautiful.


Written by Jillian Richardson

Kick-ass photography by:

Michael McCarthy (Instagram here)

Sasha Charonsaub
Earl Maldoun

Eva Reiska

Nathan Frank