5 Ways to Leave No Trace at Gratitude

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Image courtesy of Jendra Jarnigan

At Gratitude, we have the rare opportunity to create the community of our dreams. And aside from unicorn rides and unlimited kombucha, our perfect world also has zero litter. 

The crew at GM wants to be amazing– and that means we minimize waste and leave no trace. (Anyone want to start this cheer while they’re cleaning the beach? Bonus points if there’s drums and dancing involved.) 

Here are five ways to be a sustainability superhero at Gratitude:

1) Borrowing is Best

Let’s be real– you don’t want to buy a $400 tent. And your roommate never, ever uses theirs. Take that thing out of the closet, and onto the glorious, sandy beach where it belongs!

You’ll save money, reduce consumption, and help a lonely tent find its purpose again.

2) Refill and Chill

Fun fact: All the cool kids are bringing a refillable water bottle to Gratitude. Seriously. You’re gonna look lame if you bring plastic onto the beach.

Don't worry about lugging those gallons from the drugstore with you. The folks at Summer Dream are water gods, and will provide us with enough H2O for three straight days of play.

3) Get Your Glass Outta Here

You know what ruins an amazing, magical dance party? Other than your dad?

We’ll give you a second to guess.

… It’s shards of glass in your feet.

Messed up feet suck. So please, only bring stainless steel and reusable containers with you on the beach!

4) Join the MOOP Group

MOOP– AKA Matter Out of Place– is enemy number one at Gratitude. While we have volunteers who keep their eyes peeled for trash, they always need help.

Remember, we want to leave Keansburg even better than we found it. And that means no kale chip bags ruining the beautiful view of the ocean!

Pro tip: Make the cleanup time fly by singing the MOOP version of Salt N’ Peppa’s “Shoop.” 

5) Put the You in Utensils

Packing a set of utensils for Gratitude takes 30 seconds– but prevents disposable knives and forks from sitting in a landfill for years. C’mon. No one wants to hang out at the dump. Not even cutlery.

Be a hero– bring your own knives, forks, and sporks. Bonus sustainability points if you bring a set for a new friend!

Written by: Jillian Richardson

Kick-ass photography by:

Michael McCarthy (Instagram here)

Sasha Charonsaub
Earl Maldoun

Eva Reiska

Nathan Frank