How to Create Your Own Festival Theme Camp

 Image by Sasha B Photo

Image by Sasha B Photo

Many festivals enable theme camps to join together and co-create while contributing to the wider community atmosphere. While you and your crew may not be ready to get your gifts over to Burning Man, this year at Gratitude Migration: Summer Dream we're prepared to support you in co-creating your dream with our Theme Camp Incubator. Here's how!

1.    Get Ready

Theme camp applications are now open. Fill out the attached form with information about your crew – how many are you? What is your creative offering? Can you commit to bringing a creative offering to the beach? Once you’re approved, you’ll need to make sure at least 10 of you purchase tickets within the 30-day period in order to cement your spot and your discounted pricing.

 Image by Sasha B Photo

Image by Sasha B Photo

It’s also important to know that by starting a theme camp, you’re taking ownership of your communal space. This includes making sure that all Codes of Conduct are upheld and that you keep the space clean of MOOP (matter out of place) throughout the festival and after you leave.

2.    Get Creative

Come up with a plan for what you’re going to bring to the beach! Our theme camp coordinating team are open to brainstorm with you and plot out your ultimate dream chill spot, cabana lounge, beach bar or town gathering place. It can be an activity, a happy hour, a meal or shared space to hang. (Note that theme camps will not have access to power, amplified music or cooking on an open flame).

3.    Get Together

Come up with a list of likeminded people who can commit to collaborating with you on your theme camp. Maybe it’s a group from work; or your workout crew from yoga or the gym. If you’re grouping together over a shared interest, try reaching out to people in that space and see if any new people would like to participate – we love bringing new people together!

4.    Build Infrastructure

 Image by SashaBPhoto

Image by SashaBPhoto

To give people a chance to visit your theme camp, you’re going to need to provide some sort of “frontage”, signage that makes it clear to people strolling across the beach that they’ve arrived at the happiest place on the sand! You’ll need to create signage or some other way to indicate where people are, and also include shaded communal space to be used by your crew and shared with others. In order to make that happen, we guarantee theme camps with preassigned placement, provided members of your team can be onsite for early entry on Thursday, July 13th to build your space and set out enough room for your team to camp. If you need help planning out any of this infrastructure, our theme camp leads will be on hand.

5.    Be Open and Inclusive

Theme camps are a great way to hang out with your friends at the festival, but also to meet new people. Your space should be open, welcoming and inclusive. If you’d like to keep open bar hours to a specific happy hour time, that’s fine, but if people drop by to say hey, we hope you’ll let them hang, Gratitude-style!

6.    Leave No Trace. Like, really none.

We love this beach and hope you will too by showing utmost respect to mother earth and taking care of your trash. That means leaving no trace, removing all MOOP (matter out of place) and making sure your planned camp activities won’t leave garbage strewn across the sand. Everything brought in by camp members, must leave with them. We’ll be checking spaces afterward and theme camps with MOOP will not be asked to return next year, so please, take care of your space and LEAVE NO TRACE!

Rishe Groner