7 Reasons to Start Your Own Theme Camp

1. You have something to contribute

There’s something special about co-creating a space so we can all feel better as a whole, and there’s no better way to do that at a festival than theme camping. Whether it’s giving people a shaded place to sit or a fun activity to craft, the gift of giving is a gift that, well, keeps on giving…

 Image by SashaBPhoto

Image by SashaBPhoto

2. You have an idea…

How many bar napkins have you doodled away on with the plan for your dream bar, the one that will serve Hawaiian cocktails made from herbal tinctures while your buddies strum on-the-spot motivational Haikus? Have you always dreamed of creating a party or magic playground space but never found the opportunity? Theme camps are a way to connect over a shared vision or dream, and Gratitude Migration is the place to make it happen.

3. You want to make new friends

It’s fun to travel across the festival space and make new friends, but it’s even more fun to invite them into your living room. Creating a shared communal hangout at a theme camp allows you to open your hearts and homes to new people and build the magic you’ve always wanted to enjoy - and share it with others. It’s like a bar in your building, and you’re the one with the keys!

4. You want to camp somewhere specific

Hoping to get a spot far from the noisy side, or maybe near the yoga domes? Theme camps are granted pre-assigned spots for camping (provided you show up early enough to set up), and will help you get that prime waterfront view you’ve always dreamed of and never gotten to experience.

5.       You have grand plans for Friday on the beach

Get in early enough to set up on Thursday by registering with a theme camp and you’ll have time to enjoy the festival fully on Fridays. Early entry means your shared shade structure will be all set by the time the sun hits its peak.

6.    You’re not a theme camp… yet.

Our theme camp incubator is your chance to experiment with your team and your concepts. While some festivals have extensive requirements for theme camps, we’re asking you to team up with only ten people and co-create something new and special that has, up until now, lived only in your brain . We’re here to help you and support you through the theme camp creation process, so you can continue building on it and who knows… in a few years you may be on Esplanade at Burning Man.

 Image courtesy of  SashaBPhoto

Image courtesy of SashaBPhoto

7.       You want to learn something new

From building structures to putting together activities, theme camps are a great way to bring your friends closer together in collaborating as a community. You’ll learn all kinds of new things – some easy, some a little more challenging – and watch your relationships be extended , tested, and strengthened. We’re here to help with your theme camp creation experience and know that by creating smaller communities, we help build a greater unity across the board.

Rishe Groner