The 10 Commandments for Swimming and Water Play at Festivals

A festival on the beach is the ultimate in awesome: All the dirt and sweat disappears in one quick dip; and you can do it as often as you like. At Gratitude Migration, though our beach will be staffed with lifeguards during the day, all swimming is Swim at Your Own Risk and you’ll be signing a waiver to that effect when you get in. To keep that risk nice and low, head Gratitude Lifeguard Alisha Neva has a few tips for Beach Burning and swimming:

1. Never swim alone

When you head out, take a buddy with you and make sure you keep an eye at each other

2. Stay within the guidelines

Follow the lit-up buoys to stay within the swimming parameters and avoid any boats or other hazards.

3. Swim Consciously

Never swim under the influence of substances that may cause an altered state (including medications which may make you dizzy)

4. Swim Between the "Flags"

While the whole beach is Swim at Your Own Risk - should you choose to swim, staying close to where guards are stationed are certainly a safer bet.

5. Stay Calm and Signal for Help.

 Photo by No Fear of Missing Out

Photo by No Fear of Missing Out

If you suddenly find yourself further from shore than you thought you should be, and are struggling to swim, remain calm and swim parallel to the shore (this will happen due to an undertoe, or rip current). If you need help - stay calm and signal to the guards by waving one arm as high as you can!

6. Don't be embarrassed to wear a lifejacket

Wear a lifejacket if you're an inexperienced swimmer - they may not be the latest style - but neither is the alternative!

7. Watch your Children

Do not leave a child unattended near water and do not leave one child in charge of another - teach them to ask permission to go in or near the water.

8. If in doubt, don't go out!

 Photo by Roland Marconi

Photo by Roland Marconi

Night swimming is dangerous and not welcomed at Gratitude Migration.

9. Care for floaties and toys

 Photo by Eraj Asadi

Photo by Eraj Asadi

Don't bring any toys that are too large or heavy for you to carry by yourself - these endanger not only you but the others around you.

10. Look Around

Be aware of the others in the water with you - while you and your friends may be having a great time ensure that you are not in the way of others or preventing them from swimming safely.