The Complete Guide to Taking Your Kids to a Festival

 Photo by Kate Hess

Photo by Kate Hess

It takes a certain kind of brave soul to be the parent shepherding kids around a festival ground, but who isn’t jealous of those adorable munchkins tasting the best part of life before their inhibitions get in the way.  This year at Gratitude Migration: Summer Dream, we’re excited to feature “Mini Migrators” family camp, complete with activities bound to turn any kid – or kidult – into the indigenous humans we all truly are.

Maybe you've taken your kids to Burning Man before, or perhaps this is your first time contemplating adding your kids into the mix, but we're here to give you the lowdown on family camping so you can make the most out of your Gratitude Migration - and any festival - Family Camp experience. We caught up with Sarah Wing; queen of transformational child rearing and organizer of Mini Migrators, to understand how to navigate this awesome yet challenging festival tightwalk.

Is Taking Kids to a Festival For You? The Parents Who Should – and Shouldn’t – Festival With Kids

If parenting isn't your strong suit - this is not for you. Festivals aren't about taking a break from parenting duties. On the other hand, parents who are committed to supervising their child at all times and who choose to be responsible with constant care and supervision of their child will benefit by sharing a transformational experience and journey with their child.

If you are parents who likes to play, explore and romp with your children; parents who want their children to be inspired by art and creativity; and parents who want their children to learn how to find fun - then festival-ing with kids is for you. Parents who want a better world for their children that is driven by positive cultural values and transformational connection - this is for you.  We welcome parents who want their children to experience more diversity, radical inclusion, and self expression than in our daily lives.  

 Photo by Eraj Asadi

Photo by Eraj Asadi

The Benefits of Taking Kids to Festivals

If you're a long-time festival goer or Burner, taking your children with you means connecting with your kids doing something you love. Your life shouldn’t stop when you become a parent. Taking your children to a festival gives you a chance to connect deeper by sharing a transformational experience together that will open their eyes as well as yours. Find your family’s path into an integrated lifestyle by assimilating your child into your way of life.

And it's super fun! Kids teach us all how to find fun!  The will guided you down a path of transformation.  Follow their lead and always support their needs.

The Benefits of Camping at a Family Camp or Village at a Festival

It takes a village to raise a child
— African proverb

At Gratitude Migration, Mini-Migrators Family Camp will provide a support system and infrastructure that creates an environment for families to flourish in a festival setting. In general, family camp is always great for things like toys and books; a peaceful quiet space for children who need to go sleep early away from the drum and bass; and of course, the network of like-minded parents who can lend a hand or an important piece of parenting equipment when the time comes. At Mini-Migrators, we'll also have a variety of kid-friendly activities at camp, like bedtime stories, parent happy hours, and kid-friendly dance parties - but you're welcome to take your kids anywhere and everywhere for a full experience!

What are some Child-Friendly Festival Activities?

All activities are great for children!  It truly is on parents to radically engage their child’s mind to access the optimal potential of any element at a festival.  Be mindful some workshops may not be appropriate for your child’s learning style or age, and it's your responsibility to take care that your children are exposed to experiences that are okay with you. 

It could be a child-friendly mermaid tea party or a completely adult-oriented crafts workshop; it could be kiddie yoga or a conscious dance party - the activities at a festival are endless and it takes seeing it through a child's eyes to show you how magical the world can be. YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR OWN GOOD TIME!

 Photo by Kate Hess

Photo by Kate Hess

Finally: Kid-Friendly Festival Tips?

Supervise your child at all times!  Supervise your child at all time!  Supervise your child at all times.  Supervise your child at all time!  Supervise your child at all times!  No, really.

Aside from the basics, remember self-reliance: Your children are not Sparkle Ponies. Support your child by modelling best practices of self-care and keep a developmentally appropriate sleep (night and naps) and eating schedule based on their individual needs. A rested, hydrated and fed child is a happy child - and so are their parents!

Header image by Daniele Siele.

Content by Sarah Wing, Mini Migrators Lead, Kiddie Camp Veteran and Creator of Lavender Light: Transformational Children Rearing for an Enlightened Generation