Biodegradable Glitter Gets Migrators Out Of Their Comfort Zone

Several weeks ago, Saba Gray was with her eco-friendly body glitter company, Bioglitz, on the dancefloor at a festival. A man came up to her with tears in his eyes. He told Saba that, as a child, he avoided everything glittery because he was told that it wasn’t “masculine.” Then, he was painted by one of the Bioglitz girls at an art party, and realized that he had been suppressing a side of himself that yearned to be sparkly and shiny. Now, he wears glitter all the time.

This moment perfectly captures the mission of Bioglitz– to break the boundaries of self-expression, all while being eco-friendly.

Before we spoke to Saba, we didn’t realize how detrimental traditional glitter, AKA petroleum-based plastic coated in aluminum, is to the environment. Millions of pounds of the shiny stuff is sold every year. Eventually, this glitter enters waterways and disrupts wildlife, from marine creatures to birds and insects.


Thankfully, Saba and her team created a solution– Bioglitz. It’s biodegradable, compostable, free of genetically modified ingredients, and made of renewably sourced ingredients. And bonus– the product has never been tested on animals! So much goodness in one little jar.

The idea behind Bioglitz began three years ago, when Saba went to a festival in upstate New York. “I started painting people, and realized the ability that it has to open people up,” Saba told us. “You see someone who’s not having a great time, or someone you want to talk to, and you offer them some glitz– and you bring people together.”

At Gratitude Migration, the Bioglitz team will be hosting Glitz Ball. This family-friendly event will allow children and their parents to make arts and crafts, all while learning about sustainability and the ‘leave no trace’ ideology.

“A lot of festivals say ‘leave no trace,’ but then they don’t even have recycling bins, or a green team picking up afterwards,” Saba said. “I love that Gratitude Migration is promoting companies that are one hundred percent dedicated to being eco-friendly. It’s really beautiful and reassuring.”


At Gratitude, Saba hopes that people can use Bioglitz as a tool to express themselves in a way that pushes them out of their comfort zone. “Our glitter is beautiful and shiny, but we really don’t want it to be about just the look. We want it to be more about the way you feel,” Saba said. “We generally don’t even have mirrors at our stations. Sometimes it’s better just not to see it. Our hope is that people feel shiny and happy, and that’s enough.”


At Gratitude Migration, Bioglitz team provided full-body painting as well as glitter for sale. If you loved BioGlitz at Gratitude Migration and want to get your shiny hands on some glitz of your own, you can use the code GMdream at

If you want eco-friendly inspiration for the festival, check out Saba’s fashion collective, Spider, on Instagram

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Written by Jillian Richardson