5 Ways to Show Your Gratitude to the Environment

On a Friday morning in July, an endless stretch of white sandy beach in New Jersey will start to fill up with partygoers: tents, domes, stages, unidentified floating objects, and lots and lots of happy, shiny people.

But while we’re making hELLO Beach in Keansburg, New Jersey our home for the weekend, it’s important to remember that the beach is home to plenty of others all year round – not just for three days of the year. Those hosts of ours? The residents of Keansburg, of course – and plenty of marine life who live in these waters, and are counting on us to Leave a Positive Trace.

Here are five ways to make sure your eco-footprint for Gratitude Migration is as minimal as possible, and show your gratitude to your hosts and co-residents of hELLO Beach:

1.     Leave the Car at Home

Gratitude Migration is accessible by bus, ferry or train – and we’ll be having designated shuttle buses from specific stops in Keansburg directly to the festival entrance. You can also ride your bike! Minimize your carbon footprint, forget the gas-guzzling, and avoid the traffic by going the public transport route!

2.  If You Don't Need It, Don't Bring It

We're glad you bought a new tent, lantern and reusable plates and forks, but we don't need your zip ties and plastic wraps too. Make sure to de-package all your newly purchased items at the store where you bought them, or at home before you pack. Remove zip ties, twist ties, plastic wraps, extra cardboard and even those tiny little plastic thingies that connect the ties to the item - do you really want a little marine creature swallowing that?

3.     Leave A Positive Trace (LAPT)

Gratitude Migration is a LAPT event, which doesn’t just mean packing up and packing out with your own garbage – but doing what you can to pick up any garbage you see left aside by others. We’re all working together to build this community for one weekend, and part of that includes helping our friends who don’t always remember to bin their butts, tow their trash, or bring reusable equipment. Bring a few ziplock bags to store personal hygiene waste, like tooth floss, used tissues and cigarette butts, and bring this back with you to dispose of it accordingly.

4.     Bring Your Own Utensils; Leave the Plastic at Home

It’s not secret that plastic is Public Enemy Number One for the fishies, birdies and other fascinating creatures who live in our waters – not to mention the mermaids (who will be hosting a Mermaid Tea Party at GM!) Plastic bottles do immense harm to the ocean and the creatures that live within it, and we want to avoid hurting those creatures who are sharing their beach with us.

We recommend bringing your own reusable bottles, tea/coffee/juice/drink cups with lids, plates, forks, knives, spoons, straws; and anything else you might need to indulge, imbibe and refuel along the beach. You can buy some awesome customized ones that you can latch onto your gear with a carabiner.  Our food and beverage vendors are happy and prepared to serve their deliciousness into your own reusable cups and plates

If you're bringing alcohol, remember there is no glass on the beach - you'll need to transfer it to another non-glass reusable container, like a stainless steel bottle.

GM will be offering free water to refill your reusable containers as well as donating and selling "Boxed Water is Better" eco-conscious 73% plastic free boxed water bottles on-site. If you need to buy water off-site, we encourage you to buy boxed water or bring your filled reusable containers. The fishies and mermaids will thank you for living in a clean environment.

5.     Respect the Rules

Designated camping, swimming and bonfire areas are set to protect the wildlife on the beaches and in the parkland surrounding hELLO beach. Respect the fenced off areas, lit-up buoys and other signs to ensure we minimize our impact and share the beautiful land with our neighbors – human, animal, and everyone in between!

Thank you for being mindful.

One small act of consciousness on our environmental impact makes ripples in unimaginable ways, one cigarette butt, one refillable water bottle at a time. By showing our gratitude to the environment, our hosts and those who share our space, we can be assured of coming back to this beach and sharing it with others for years to come. 


For more information or press inquiries on how Gratitude Migration: Summer Dream is working to create an eco-conscious, sustainable partying environment, contact press@migratewith.us