Meet the Migrator: Interview with EVERYDAY

Global music journalist Hesh Donnerstag caught up Gratitude Migration Headlining DJ, Producer and Global Sound Wizard, Philadelphia’s own EVERYDAY at his show @ Silk City Diner in April with Bangarang’s mighty Jeff Omega.

GM:  This is your second year at Gratitude Migration. What can you tell me about year one?

EVERYDAY: Year one at Gratitude Migration was really good. It was the first year they had the festival so we really didn’t know what to expect. We (ONESOURCE) handled the sound for them, did some production and I DJ’d Saturday night.

Being on the beach with the New York City skyline in the background having so many good people and good friends there, so many great art performances there, it was a really, really great event

GM: What do you see for year two?

EVERYDAY: This year they have much more momentum it seems. A lot more people involved, a lot more artists. We’re bringing PEX back as a theme camp this year at Gratitude. It’s special because PEX hasn’t been out as a theme camp in years, not since Burning Man have we gathered the PEX posse to do a theme camp at someone else’s event. So we’re really excited to get the group back together somewhere outside of Ramblewood, (Maryland) where we host our own PEX summer Festival.

GM: Whats going on with you right now? What’s going on with PEX, Playloop, gigs, One Source, projects, travel in 2016?

EVERYDAY: I just got off the road doing three back-to-back festivals. We were in Florida with Tipper, we did a Blue Grass festival, another festival in Delaware. On the 20th I fly out to London, gonna spend a few nights there. I've never actually been able to spend time there and hang out. So, I’m super excited about that. We’re getting picked up and going to Function One Head Quarters, meeting with them for a bit and then heading to Ibiza to the opening of SPACE, Ibiza. Then I fly directly back go straight to FREEFORM then I FEEL : SUMMER ESCAPE, It’s only an hour from FREEFORM so I’m gonna just stay on the road. Coming back I’ve got a Boston date and then after that we’re prepping for The PEX Summer Festival. PEX is going to be AMAZING this year!!

GM: Thank you, brother.

EVERYDAY : Thank You. (Gives me a hug and smiles.)