Gratitude Migration Festival Announces 2016 Eco Partnerships

Gratitude Migration = Gratitude for the Environment

Music festivals allow us to be grateful for a number of things, and at Gratitude Migration, it starts with our habitat: The beautiful stretch of beach we call home for three days, and the delightful local community of Keansburg and the Jersey shore who share it with us.

This year, Gratitude Migration is overjoyed to announce a partnership with Ahimsa Warriors, a free-spirited task force dedicated to empowering corporations, governmental institutions and consumers towards non-violence, mindfulness, compassion, kindness and awakening across all areas in life.

Betty Blue is the Founder and Director of Ahimsa Warriors and is excited to work with Gratitude Migration to ensure the integration of eco-consciousness, sustainability and mindfulness across all content of the festival.

I’m very excited to see Gratitude Migration so committed to being an eco conscious festival. We are working on creating hands on, experiential, interactive, fun and educational eco activations that encourage empowerment and awakening around being a mindful compassionate consumer.
— Betty Blue, Founder of Ahimsa

Some of the initiatives that are in the works in order to make the art, performances and music elements of Gratitude Migration not just inspirational but also sustainable is the introduction of a "less plastic" initiative, which encourages attendees to bring their own reusable cups, plates, utensils and straws, along with the offering of reusable and compostable eco-ware on-site. There are also plans to create sustainability & LNT stations with recycling and composting areas and classes; replacing plastic bar stirrers with biodegradable gluten-free linguine; sourcing solar power partners and pedal-powered cellphone charging bikes along with biodiesel fueled generators; and educational initiatives such as a panel and film screening of Cowspiracy (an educational environmental documentary co-executive produced by Leonardo DiCaprio), eco-focused workshops, demos, speakers, book signings and activities. as well as an emphasis on offering 70% plant based food options due to eye-opening statistics around the impact of animal agriculture.

Since becoming aware that animal agriculture is proven to be the leading cause of climate change we are incentivizing plant-based vendors to be present in order to encourage attendees with tangible, sustainable and easy consumption choices that can allow them to directly impact themselves and our planet positively.
— Betty Blue, Ahimsa Warriors / Eco-Sustainability Partnerships Lead, Gratitude Migration

Other initiatives under the Ahimsa leadership include:

1.  Boxed Water Is Better

Boxed Water is Better are a game-changer to hit the market, featuring packaging is made 76% of trees from ethically treated forests as well as 100% of recyclable material. Boxed Water is Better will be providing boxed water for sale and giveaways as well as recycling bins throughout the beach at Gratitude Migration. We also encourage guests to participate in the #retree project, which plants two trees for every photo on social media with a Boxed Water container.

2. Super Juice Nation

We love our local businesses, and we're excited to partner with Super Juice Nation, a local NJ based family-owned all-organic juice company. The interactive experiential Super Juice Nation Beach Cabana will be selling, sampling and providing fresh organic raw superfood juices in bulk containers (poured into attendee's reusable cups) as well as tea meditations, herbal tonic rituals, tincture sunrise circles, raw juice remedies, soundscapes, cleansing classes, health talks, eco sessions and other wellness activities. There's no better way to get refreshed during the day!

3. BioSolis Organic Sunscreen

Biosolis is the first complete certified all organic plant based sustainable sun protection, who will be partnering with Gratitude Migration to provide protection for everyone throughout the hot, sunny beach days. To complete the sustainability loop, empty Biosolis sunscreen bottles will be used to create an art sculpture, with the intention of donating art proceeds to clean local waterways.



4. BioGlitz

Where there are festivals, there's costumes and glitz, and we're overjoyed to be offering a biodegradable compostable alternative to conventional body glitter by partnering with BioGlitz, who will be holding crafting workshops and a children's glitz party with focus on sustainability and eco consciousness.

5. Pilot Kombucha

Where there are happy, healthy people, there's a need for Kombucha, and Gratitude Migration will be well-stocked with Brooklyn-based Pilot Kombucha featuring a Tapped Kombucha Bar at the Mandala Biergarten.

In addition to the above partnerships, product donations have come in from Raw Revolution, Barnaba, Jax Coconut Water and more.

With an audience that varies from veteran Burners to New York nightlife aficionados, the message of sustainability and eco-friendly practices will resonate across the board.

With Ahimsa Warriors, we’re bringing sexiness and glamour to being a mindful, conscious, self-actualizing and compassionate member of our planet – all the things that might appear to be a bit of a drag. We want to make it doable, easy and fun, and not something that’s too hard or impossible to do.
— Betty Blue, Eco-Sustainability Partnerships // Ahimsa Warriors

Gratitude Migration festival production has also been working with local agencies to minimize carbon footprint of festival guests, as well as bringing economic opportunities to local agencies. The Monmouth County Transportation Authority will be partnering with Gratitude Migration to provide shuttle buses for people who opt to use public transportation from New York City, picking up from train and ferry terminals to the beach; and driving festival guests into commercial districts of Keansburg in order to stimulate local business.

Stay tuned for further updates on Gratitude Migration + Ahimsa Warriors, integrating eco-consciousness and sustainability into festival life. 

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