Saima and Yousuf of Heart of Art joins Gratitude Migration in leaving a parting gift to the town of Keasnburg. In association with the Keansburg Mural Project, Saima and her team of artists will prepare a mural on the wall of an abandoned building devastated by Hurricane Sandy, with the theme "Every Wall Is A Door". Yousuf is also time-lapse filming the Keansburg Mural Project, as well as helping to create it!

Check out The Heart of Art team by visiting "Chaser's" near the Culinary Cove during the festival to contribute to the art piece yourself!

Saima and Yousuf have been married for 18 years and are both passionate artists. Yousuf is an  independent filmmaker, and talented musician.  He considers Saima his muse, and they influence each other with constructive criticism, to the brinks of tearing down the ego.  This path of seeing, mirroring, and confronting the ego has pushed their work to one of joint spiritual collaboration for the world to relate.

Saima has been drawn to create art and examine spiritual truth since early childhood. Throughout life, Saima has added beauty to the environment surrounding her, by landscaping gardens, glamorizing faces, and designing Zen-like interiors.  She pursued art throughout high school, and then went on to major in Fine Arts at TCNJ.  She graduated with honors and decided to follow a yearning to be more expressive in creating art that transcends this human condition.

When Saima first met Yousuf in 1998, it was as if they had just been reunited, and were just catching up.  Currently, they run a holistic art studio together in Hamilton, NJ.

Yousuf graduated from Columbia University and has a ferocious appetite for knowledge in all forms.  He has been a business analyst, musician (composing original music, as well as managing two bands). Currently, he is a filmmaker, having  made some beautiful documentaries and is working on short films.  He also cooks up a storm to the delight of studio visitors!

Together, at the studio, they create art, holds classes, have group meditations, host speakers who discuss Quantum Physics, Non-Duality, or Enlightenment, as well as Sufi whirling, and yoga.  They also are lovers of poetry, especially Rumi, the great sage.

Whether through music, film, or creating a visual piece of art, they both aim to bring the attention of the viewer back to the essence of where we all originate from, our collective consciousness, or Source.  Their works are symbolic depictions of our shared suffering, and the transformative power of acceptance, and Love.  Together, they hope their art inspires questions which get to the heart of our purpose in the Universe.



Rishe Groner