Hello my name is English Peter and in Greek, Panayiotis. I am a first generation American Greek-Cypriot/Human Being on Planet Earth living in Ocean Township, NJ.  

I receive donated surf, boogie and skim boards, wrap them in either canvas or reusable materials and art on them. Upon completion of the Peace I either produce, participate in or donate the art to events to be raffled or auctioned with 100% of the proceeds donated to charity. 

I also create a collaborative experience called #heartsonasurfboard where everyone who participates becomes a heartist. You will have the opportunity to paint hearts on a surfboard and show how your Love, Creativity, Color and Collaboration can help benefit a special need.

There are almost 97 completed Peaces of The SeaGlass Collection. WE have helped create a positive vibe of art, music, fun, food, funds and awareness to help people, the environment, plants and animals.

We are all special and we are all in this life together. Some things just need a little more help from time to time and that is what we are here to be.  That moment in time of little more help.

Please Make Everything with Love, Appreciation, Gratitude & Respect

See you at the Beach!

Tigerlily Tigerlily