John Walter, aka Woodlands, has spent years perfecting both the optics and the message of true reflection mirrors – mirrors that reflect you as you are, without flipping right and left.  More than 30 years ago he discovered a pretty profound difference between the flat mirror and the true mirror.  In one amazing instant, he recognized himself in the new version, not just what he looked like but how he felt, who he was.  His smile, which looked fake and strained backwards, suddenly was  genuine and happy!  And it didn’t fade away in a couple of seconds.

Fast forward to today, the True Mirror he makes is optically correct and beautiful, and at festivals like Gratitude Migration, is showing thousands of people how truly beautiful they are!  A simple concept, that faces “work” properly in this mirror, translates into wonderful expressions and feelings of self-love and acceptance.  A true source of so much gratitude, and a pathway away from so much self-criticism and challenge that only the fake mirror produces.

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