Like its namesake, Rhizome is a network of roots in the underground New York art and production scene. Functioning as a central team, coordinating an open collective of artists, and working toward the goal of awakening, awareness, and appreciation. Producing work for large events and parties that inspires creativity and unadulterated joy in the participant.

Rhizome uses state of the art technology to produce custom designs for clients' events, parties, advertisements, and band tours. Providing set design, custom animation and video, projection mapping, audio and lighting solutions, and drawing from 6+ years design and production experience we are able to take on projects of any size and scope. We constantly expand to include new and experienced talent, diversifying our ability and perspective. 

With our growing team, we have created and contributed to immersive experiences for clients ranging from large Burning Man sculptures and stages to branded corporate events for Art Basel. 

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