.In 2012 Toby Vann and Michael Gates accepted a challenge to build a better mouse trap. Long time participants of the Burning Man festival, they wanted to eliminate many of the hassles associated with traditional methods of shelter construction.

During the winter of 2013, they developed the Hub & Harness Network. Borrowing from Buckminster Fuller, they used elements of geodesic and tensegrity principles to create their unique, truncated icosahedral domes. In August 2013, they premiered the prototype dome, named the Archimedes Basket, at Burning Man to test their theories. This crowd-funded project was wildly successful, and paved the way for Archimedes Design, portable dome systems.

In 2014 artist Jodi Sharp began collaborating part time with Toby and Michael. It was such a good fit that she joined the team permanently as a full partner in 2016.

As a team we have participated in countless festivals across the US and Canada. Showcasing the innovation of our dome systems, while collaborating with a variety of other artists to bring full festival experiences to life.

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