Waterborne by Altair and Elkins


'Waterborne' is a vision of the moment of birth, placed within the placental fluid of New York and New Jersey's gushing waterways;  a gigantic floating baby's head, with discoverable mysteries, interior space and interactive elements. 

The full body may be imagined by spectators to be living just below the water's surface, as an illusion.

The project is a dream envisioned by artists 'Lizzy' Beth Elkins, and Altair.

'Waterborne' will float in the shallow water just off the Keansburg beach, and will feature an entrance-way via the tongue, through the baby's open mouth. After climbing past the lips, anyone may find themselves the puppeeter of a giant child's mind, with the ability to control its expressions. 

From the moment of birth, is freedom ever really possible in an object dominated world? Are we represented by our clothes, or ourselves? Do we use our digital devices, or vice versa? Is the will of a chair only to be sat upon? What is left before you are born and after you die, but a pile of stuff? 

Enter an infant human, through its mouth, explore within.

Avi Werde