True Mirrors by John Walter

John Walter, aka Exactly, has a background in technology but found his true love in producing and showing the special transformative True Mirror, the only mirror that reflects you correctly, without being backwards.   So many elements are required to make them optically perfect, but the real magic comes from his discovery that they reflect our personalities properly.  We stay present in a True Mirror and get lost in backwards mirrors.   It's not just what you look like, but who you are and how you are.  In 20 years of showcasing the mirror, he has found that events like Gratitude have the best quality of people to be receptive to this experience -  artistic and perceptive, interested and interesting, deep and developing.  His mission is to guide people to their own “AHA moment” with themselves in the True Mirror and to figure out how best to make this a tool for true self-awareness, discovery, and inner peace

Avi Werde