Abstract Caricatures

Activity Title : Live caricatures and live painting

Website and/or Images: androbblatt.com

I will be doing live abstract caricatures of those in attendance. Rather than traditional caricatures people are familiar with, my style involves capturing a person's facial features through movement and different angles, resulting in something fun and different for attendees to keep. I normally ask for 15-20 minutes of sit down time from every person I draw. I can have a set up for people to stop and I can roam around to find new people.

When doing caricatures, Androo Robb does not follow the familiar style most people are accustomed to. His style involves capturing a person's details from different angles and combining them to create unorthodox imitations. Caricatures are fun collectables that hold memories of the time and place we were when they were drawn. Androo Robb's caricatures express the passion and excitement of his random encounters with people, along with the details of their personalities.

Participatory Element: The only thing attendees need to do is sit back, relax, and be comfortable while I draw them.

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