2017 lineup

United in Gratitude

The rising sun peeking over the horizon. The sensation of sand beneath your toes. The warmth of the fire and the beat of the drum, the collective energy of a thousand hearts in unison. A helping hand, an open heart, a gift of art to all who gather. The peace of the exact moment, the impermanence of gathering to create one united vision, one harmonious world for one magical weekend.

This is Gratitude Migration

Your waking dreamworld, embracing a future we co-create in the now.

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💙This is a Leave a Positive Trace event!💙

💛Balance / Nourish / Heal in Beauty
Savor the simple pleasures. Experience a cornucopia of delights. Heal with touch, vibration, and movement. Nourish body, mind, spirit and soul with flowing balance and beauty. Tread the sand and swim in the ocean on the ultimate beach retreat.

💛Collaborate and Connect with Conscious Community
Take risks and reach new heights with active co-creation, beyond participation. Build the world you want to see through shared curiosity, inclusion, and interconnection.

💛We Start with Gratitude. Hearts Wide Open.
You are safe here. Safe to be yourself, safe to share. Free to express your highest self, to connect with mutual respect and loving kindness. To look to the bright side and dance until the dawn. To give your highest gift and receive your deepest needs. To practice compassion and empathy. To fill your heart with gratitude.

💛With Gratitude to Our Planet. Imagining Environmental Protection.
We stand with respect on this earth and intend to leave our home better than we found it. Think future, act now. Educate with impact to build communities with intention. Empower practical lessons to engage in sustainable transformation.
💛Explore What Lies Beyond the Sunrise. Make Magic.
Make magic with music, art and dancing til the sun comes up – and while it rises into a new day.  Let the awe and inspiration fill you with new possibilities. Expand into your highest self as we break new ground. Interact with art, dance to the rhythm of your heart and cherish every instant: Deep in the present.

💛Find yourself. Share yourself. Love yourself.
Explore new horizons. Open your voice in song. Shake your body in dance. Offer a hand to help a stranger. Share your wildest gifts with your new best friends. Here, everyone is free to just be.