Step into your wildest dreams and manifest them into reality. 

Gratitude Migration: Summer Dream is a world where life becomes art and dreams become reality, set on an idyllic, undiscovered beach remarkably close to New York City. A seaside oasis in community with others who share the same vision of creativity, culture and connection. A gathering of open-minded spirits communing in music, dance, art, performance, technology, eco-consciousness, yoga, spirituality, family, and… connection. 


We are humbled by the community who came together to co-create this event. We are grateful for all who put in their hearts and souls to make our annual gathering at hELLO Beach magical and memorable.

This event was not the creation of a few: It was the result of every individual who participated in sharing their gifts and creativity, no matter the role. You may never know how you impacted bringing this experience together, but one thing we do know: It absolutely would not have been the same without you.


Gratitude is our currency: As we all practice counting our blessings; we start to feel better and better, all the time. We are honored to serve as a channel for bringing people together to practice and experience the power of gratitude.

We are delighted by the love, joy and open hearts of each and every one who co-created this experience. Creating community, forging connections, expressing creativity and building an ongoing culture of consciousness: For these, we are profoundly grateful.

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Whether you are a theme camp creator, arts collective, performer, sculptor, painter, photographer, mad scientist, musician or even if your form of self-expression is impossible to categorize, you are a member of this community and we want you at Gratitude Migration.


hELLO Beach
2 Beachway • Keansburg NJ, 07734
Friday July 15 at 10am - Sunday July 17 at 6pm

Gratitude Migration takes place on a newly restored beach less than an hour away from New York City. We encourage loving and respecting our environment and will be devoting many efforts towards increasing environmental awareness and sustainability. This is a “Leave A Positive Trace” event. Pack it in. Pack it out. And leave it better than you found it!


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